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Allentown is located along an ancient Indian and major trail from Ball’s Ferry to Old Hartford (Hawkinsville). This trail intersected with a trail that ran between Fort Hawkins (Macon) and present day Dublin. At this intersection was a settlement first known as Cross Roads and later as Cool Springs.

After James Allen and Linkfield Perkins bought acreage and a store in 1831, the name of the emerging town was changed to Allentown. By 1891, trains were running through the town. Allentown’s main street was the dirt road called Athens-Macon Highway, which ran alongside the railroad through the middle of town.

Allentown is located in middle GA and is the place four counties meet.  Most of Allentown is in Wilkinson County, but some of our territory is located in Twiggs, Laurens and Bleckley.


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